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Kalo Shin

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25th August 2006

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#21 8 years ago

Because you forgot part of the ability, that happens when you give the unit the ability to click on, but not the actual ability. This would also not work, as there's no animations for the ARC Commander. What you need to do to get something like this to work is to use something like Raymus Antilles weaken ability or Silris summon ability and spawn it like that. As those will allow you to spawn whatever you want.

In addition, please hold on and I'll look at the coding one of you sent me later. I'm currently busy with another mod.


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19th July 2006

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#22 8 years ago

Ha ha! I got it! Thank you so much Kalo, it works perfectly now. Now all I gotta do is get all the heroes into a company, so I can have one hero in GC instead of a thousand lol.