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7th August 2002

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#1 13 years ago

Now is the winter of this communities discontent!!

Anyway, with the recent spate of the community being what it is, I thought I would lighten the load, so to speak. Over the next few weeks or so (maybe earlier, maybe longer), I'm going to make a series of releases. These releases will contain the following files:

1) ALO pre converted model file: The models themselves will have a basic set of hardpoints, but not contain any special items (such as engine glows, break offs etc.etc.). These are just for quick coding in. 2) DDS based texture file/files. Depending on the unit will depend on how many of these there are. 3) 3d Max source model file. Be warned. These 3dmax files cannot be opened by versions of max that are lower than 6. Versions 7 and higher will be able to open these files, but not 5.2 or lower. The max file will be pre rigged and have Direct x9 shaders applied to them (so they are uvmapped already), but do not contain animations. 4) Complete readme file detailing credit instructions and associated information.

Now, what does this mean?? Well basically put, anyone who can competantly code a new unit is free to use this and any other unit I release in this fashion. Personal usage (that is to say, any non-public re-release) is fine, and in all circumstances I do not require informing and permission does not require to be obtained. However, public re-release, must follow the instructions set out in the readme. I am fully aware that there are plenty of people in the community are mistrusting of each other and therefore I am making this available, with only minor restrictions (as set above) for EVERYONE to use.

*** NOTE *** If any further communication is necessary then there is also my contact details in each of the readme files. Also I'm not looking for thanks for this, or any kind of glory searching. This is my attempt to try (uses the word loosely), to get some sort of community spirit back (if thats at all possible).