Conversion and skinning request, Pirate Starbase Model. -1 reply

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14th February 2007

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#1 12 years ago

I made the post once, but now i have to retype everything. :bawl: OK! I'm only posting the L1 model, it needs skinned, you can tell by object names where to put weaps. 3 firebones per hardpoint please, add 5 "Armor Point" hardpoints(at random), those are just a place to attach a HP that does nothing and there is a damage decal there, If i decide not to do them i'll make it a dummy ;) Please set it up so (Its already got the indivudual objects split up) there are attach models, Damage Decals, And Damage Particles. Where the object "Details" is on the front, please skin that with lots of windows. include a text file saying that you did the rigging/skinning work, it makes it easier to keep tract of who rigged and skinned what. Also please include the rigged skinned model in .3ds .max along with the .alo Thank you!