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19th January 2009

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#1 9 years ago

i just thought of some new ideas for a space mod. i bet most of you ave probably thought of these as well, but i think that i should make my opinions heard.

since most people only play EAW or FOC for the space combat(who can blame them), i've thought of four surefire ways to make that portion of the game even better. I'm not a modder, so i dont't know if this would work, but heres my thoughts

Collision detection- i am sick of watching ships just clip in between each other if they're on different planes of battle. so i thought that a mod that adds a collision detection would be fantastic. using a star destroyer as a battering ram just seemed awsome!

Random entry points- i didn't like how different levels of ships appeared on different planes of battle, so i thought that it would be great if, when exiting hyperspace, ships would appear on random planes of battle(ie. a star destroyer being higher up in space than a nebulon frigate). this would make the battles seem more realistic, as well as contributing to the collision idea i stated above.

manual control of firing arcs and strategies- it would be fantastic if for larger ships, the player would be able to control ship broadsides, or direct attacks. i've recently been playing empire total war, and the ship broadsides are awsome. i'd love to see them incorporated into EAW/FOC in the form of a special ability or something.

persistent damage- instead of seeing huge chunks blow off a ship when a hardpoint is hit, i think it would be much better if only the guns themselves were hit. after shields are disabled, the damage left by random shots should remain on the ship, giving it a scarred, battered and burning look while still being able to fire.

well, those are my thoughts. feel free to comment both positively and negatively, even though i'll probably be ignored, but whatever, later


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1st April 2008

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#2 9 years ago

Some answer here:

Collision detection: This should be possible. The programmers made some coding for hyperspace accidents. If it can be reenabled, it will look pretty stupid, because the breakoffs are always the same.

Random space layers (that's how they are called): Idk if it has been tested before. It's pretty simple to do, so I'l give it a try.

Manual firing arcs: That's impossible. You can only let the ship do the work for this.

And the last one: That's actually very easy to do. At least the first point there. You can modify the game to let the hadpoints stay attached after the are destroyed. For the random hits: I guess this can also be done. You can edit the projectiles hit-particle to smoke after it hits the ship. Idk if you have Forces of Corruption, but when a Mass driver hits a ship, you see a small explosion. If you modify it to smoke after it hits a ship, would look very real.


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#3 9 years ago

I for one would like to see the last one happen.Persistant damage usually is done with the particle editor , but if it can be done by altering projectile values that would be great :)