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7th June 2007

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#1 11 years ago

After the final release of the Jedi Civil War version im going to restructure the mod so there will be GC AI,

Empire and Rebel factions will be restructured into these factions:

Republic/Empire(Old Republic, Republic, Empire, Galactic Alliance(Vong War GC))

Rebellion(Sith Empire, CIS, Rebels)

Tech Levels:

Republic/Empire: Tech 1: Old Republic Tech 2: Republic Tech 3: Empire Tech 4: Galactic Alliance(Vong War GC)

Rebellion: Tech 1: Sith Empire Tech 2: CIS Tech 3: Rebels

They will still be the Rebels and Empire in Skirmish.

And the other factions will still be in there as separate factions: Old Republic Sith Empire Republic CIS Empire Rebels Galactic Alliance Yuuzhan Vong Corporate Sector

And im thinking about putting in a mega GC for all eras, but its still in the works

in fact when you play you might not even notice the change execpt when you play the Clone Wars Era GC you have to select Rebelion for the CIS.