Corporate Addon 4.2 bugs???? -1 reply

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7th June 2007

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#1 11 years ago

Could someone list the bugs in 4.2?

Im getting some resources around for a Jedi Civil War addition to the mod, i reached a dead end with the Yuuzhan Vong, so im shifting gears to that, so if some one could tell me the bugs, i could get a beta out halfway through next week.

And i already know the installer is messed up.......

Unit List for beta:

Warb_Null did 85% of the models, the other 15% is, Mr_Tricorder(Sith Fighter), Dede_Frost/erei33(Reliance Model), Lord_Centaurus(Sith Corvette or Vader-Class Corvette

Old Republic: Aurek Fighter Chela Fighter/Bomber Forray Corvette Paladin Destroyer Hammerhead Frigate Reliance-Class Battle Cruiser

Sith Empire: Sith Fighter Vader-Class Corvette Sith Destroyer or Azard-Class Destroyer Interdictor-Class(Leviathan) Centuroin-Class Battleship(Ravager)