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15th April 2008

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#31 12 years ago

Problem: You can't use these at the same time as the Snow Trooper and 'Sand' trooper model types. Do you think you could quick make at least a snow version of E-11 trooper? I'm OK without the sand type.


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3rd September 2007

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#32 12 years ago

Sure you can, just re-size the old Snowtrooper and Sandtrooper models.

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18th July 2006

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#33 12 years ago

Coming in a couple of days will be the snowtrooper and the sand trooper as well as some other cool units in the coming weeks.


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#34 12 years ago

Hello. I see the stormtroopers are indeed on F'Front under Models, but how about the Navy Troopers? I'd dl them from the SWModding, but it keeps putting up roadblocks against my dling there (I haven't seen anywhere the requirements to just download files). More land units is a plus at this point (especially if they could be nonhumans not already in the game, or possibly Leia ;) ). Thanks.



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23rd September 2006

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#35 12 years ago

The rest of the Stormtroopers will share the same animations right? So you could reuse the code:


for multiple troopers instead of them all getting different animations?



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29th September 2008

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#36 12 years ago
Darth_Windu;4571389um...arent Stormies with E-11's the default Imperial infantry unit??

No they are D12 Pistols, not E-11 Blastech Rifles