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15th March 2007

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#1 11 years ago

I added the XML folder by itself, XML files and all and the game stopped me this error message: Expect Strange Bugs... xml parse error - File .\Data\XML\GUIDialogs.xml: file has syntax errors, see log file I got this even after I deleted that one XML folder. I dont know what to do.

17th April 2007

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#2 11 years ago

theres is errors in one or more of the xmls files


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#3 11 years ago

i got that in one mod and deleted all files needed, and it still remained. after a full reinstall everything was back to normal

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9th January 2007

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#4 11 years ago

Open up all of your modified xml files with "Internet Explorer." If all of the contents of the file are viewable there are no errors in that xml, but if it stops at a point it will give an error, and show you where the error is.



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17th December 2005

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#5 11 years ago

Essentially, that means your coding or somebodyelses sucks cock and needs to be fixed