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27th July 2006

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#1 10 years ago

I've been searching up and down for a simple way to modify the Home One model to sport two hangars (for redundancy) without nixing any of it's existing hardpoints. It is already starved for weapons as is in comparison to some equivalent ships.

But I'd really like to also make that type of ship buildable (at extreme costs) without the "Concentrate Fire" power.

I don't know much about altering bones, nor do I have a program to do so.

On the note of ships, I've been trying to do this with little success: Replace the Acclamator-Class Frigate with the Venator Star Cruiser (and then) Replace the Tartan ship with the Acclamator-Class Frigate, and remove the spawning ability of the Acclamator.

I was able to do what was needed for the Acclamator=>Venator, but I can't seem to get the Acclamator to replace the Tartan. I was using an editor to help with the problems and to keep the stats the same for both conversions so no game balance issues cropped up.

Final question: Is there a good tutorial on GC mapping? I can't find anything on this subject. I have heard of an editor but can't seem to find it. I'm not talking about the Planet Placement tool on the site because I still am not sure how to even make a GC map to begin with.