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1st April 2007

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#1 12 years ago

Yes, we know this was also posted as news on EaWFiles. We posted it here because some people only read the forums and not the news. (I used to do the same thing)


Factions- Cons- Us... you know the people on earth. Empire- empire Rebels- rebels

Story line- We have lived peacefully here on earth for many, many years. At last we have completed hyperspace enabled ships and are able to travel from planet to planet. We decided to send an exploration team to a far off galaxy to explore. We could barely see this galaxy from earth, but there were signs from our sattelites that there was life there. Unfortunately, when they arrived, they arrived in the middle of a battle between the Rebels and Empire over the planet Coruscant. Not exectly sure of what has happened, they decided to jump back into hyperspace to earth. As we were leaving, the Empire launched a tracor and it landed perfectly on one of our many ships. Shorlty after our ships came back to real space above earth, an Imperial stike force emerged from hyperspace. Little did anyone know, was that the Rebels were in mid-hyperspace chasing the Empire. The humans, wanting nothing of this war want everyone of our planet. They decide to ally with the Rebels; but once the Empire is gone, we try to get rid of them. The battle for earth has begun. Choose your side and choose to liberate, conquor, or defend earth.

We currently have 4 people on this project. Jack2066 (xfire is jack2066) droideka23 (his xfire)(Battle_Droid is EaWFiles name) rodgerthezombie (thats his xfire and username) Delta_____62 (team leader)(xfire is firstbattalion)

Ok now that that is said and done... we have a little competition that we would like to hold. We decided to add five maps not made by us. The public is allowed to make maps and send them in. The best five maps will be added into the mappack.

Map Requirements- -MUST be LAND. no space. -MUST have something to do with earth (ex. city, Egypt, Pacific Islands, etc.) Anything random, on a SW planet, or not earth related will not even be considered for the mappack. -YOU MUST MAKE THE MAP. No downloading any maps from any1 else. If so you will be D/Q. -PLEASE include (in the file): your EaWFiles name, the map, and a breif story of how the battle came around, breif description of the map -Some people please submit a map of just Cons vs. Rebs (we plan to have the Consortium fight the Rebels once the Empire is kicked from our planet). -Keep in mind that this is Earth (Consortium [we are Consortium] planet) so don't give Rebs and Emp a big base unless this battle happens to be far into the story... but they CAN have many units already spawned.

The winners, will get their map in the mappack, recieve one of the first copies before it is submitted, and recieve credit for their map.

Up to 5 entries per person. Only 1 winning map per person.

If there are any questions, please ask here or send Delta_____62 a message via the FileFront Forums (delta62) or xfire.

Please submit the maps to Delta_____62. His xfire is firstbattalion (please send the maps through xfire). All maps will be tested and rated by the mapping team.

I almost forgot to mention that if you dont have xfire, get it here at Download Xfire then add firstbattalion as a friend and send him the maps.

Our website is... EaW/FoC Maps+Mods - Home You will need to click the name.

Sicerely, Techno Union Mappers and Modders