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30th April 2008

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#1 9 years ago

Ok so I'm playing the ACM mod and I have noticed that the computer will NOT build some of the new units in the game. Specifically, while I'm playing as the Empire, the Rebel Alliance (AI controlled obviously) builds no ground units other than T2B's, Trooper Squads, Plex Squads, and Infiltrators. They won't build T3B's, or even T4B's and Snowspeeders.

*Note: In space they build the new units, but not on the ground. **Note: They also will not fill up their building slots on ground maps. They might build 1 barracks, 1 light vehicle factory, and a shield generator but then they leave 6-7 building slots empty.

Does someone know what XML lines control which units the AI builds or how to make them diversify their production? Thanks!