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27th April 2007

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#21 13 years ago

It was not offense that I took, not so much as I was annoyed at the lack of aid followed by your rant describing your impeccable skill as a coder and how your sick of noobs asking stupid questions about things that come as second nature to someone of your caliber.

When you responded to my original post, which I put time and thought into (after searching the forums for a good half-hour to be sure I wasn't starting a new thread for nothing), you gave nothing but a smart and totally useless comment.

read a modding tutorial,

Now I searched the forums again to make sure I didn't miss anything, and then I told you quite clearly what I had to say in response to something like that: I did my homework, I spent time around before throwing my post up here - and if you know of a tutorial lying around here, why don't you give me a link - both showing me that I didn't do a good enough job searching and earning you every right to berate me for said lack of diligence.

And then you go on with your 'rant' crap, how your going to close your eyes and it will all go away and that by explaining your greatness you have proven your point and closed it to further discussion. Give me a break, but this is the internet. I mean rant on if you will, but don't expect me to bow down before your internet-mojo. Point being, get over yourself.

I missed your post last time (I was responding to Valgarochi), and actually just now after writing the above did I see it. I still mean what I say.

You want to contribute something useful or not? I've got a rather simple goal, and though admittedly I've had trouble putting it into words, I am adamant that I've explained it well enough. I mean lets face it, you are the best freelance coder ever, so I'd appreciate some insight.

I've got nothing to gain bickering with you, though I will likely continue to respond, because maybe after a few pages of it, when you go back to the beginning and you see you're posts, it will dawn on you that I have acted appropriately, and certainly not at all like a noob, while you have done quite the contrary.

By the way, I am starting to think you are a real big idiot.

@knivesdamaster Problem is in order to make a new transport unit, I need new anims and such. I don't feel like explaining my understanding of it all, but basically, it wouldn't work right one way or the other.

16th April 2007

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#22 13 years ago

unfortunately i dont think there is a 100% way to get what your looking for with out new modles with the landing animation, what i told you was the only way i could think of to make a fighter squadrun work both on land in space, but you will be stuck with only one issue the landing on the planet in a transport galleon