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#1 7 years ago

Im trying to add a new campaign, where you start with less planets the Equal Footing campaign, but still with all planets. How ever i not sure how to probably name it and what else needs to be change for it to work, with stil having Equal Footing working.

Here is a part of the coding, do have one for each nation, and also have planets populated.

Sandbox_Equal_Footing 1 TEXT_CAMPAIGN_SINGLE_56 TEXT_CAMPAIGN_SINGLE_DESCRIPTION_56 40.0 0.0 1200.0 Galaxy_Core_Art_Model, Abregado_Rae, AetenII, Alderaan, AlzocIII, Anaxes, Atzerri, Bespin, Bestine, Bonadan, Bothawui, Byss, Carida, Corellia, Corulag, Coruscant, Dagobah, Dantooine, Dathomir, Endor, Eriadu, Felucia, Fondor, Fresia, Geonosis, Honoghr, Hoth, Hypori, Ilum, Jabiim, Kamino, Kashyyyk, Kessel, Korriban, Kuat, Manaan, Mandalore, MonCalimari, Mustafar, Muunilinst, Myrkr, Naboo, NalHutta, Polus, Ryloth, Saleucami, Shola, Sullust, Taris, Tatooine, The_Maw, Thyferra, Utapau, VergessoAsteroids, Wayland, Yavin Hoth_Mustafar, Mustafar_VergessoAsteroids, Fondor_Thyferra, Bestine_Fondor, Bespin_Bestine, Anaxes_Coruscant, AetenII_Anaxes, AetenII_Dantooine, Bothawui_Ryloth, Bothawui_Corellia, MonCalimari_Saleucami, Kamino_MonCalimari, Kamino_Shola, Bonadan_Muunilinst, Bonadan_Yavin Rebel, Hoth Empire, Coruscant Underworld, Hypori Republic, Yavin Underworld Story_Plots_Rebel_AI_Heroes_EXP.xmlStory_Plots_Empire_AI_Heroes_EXP.xmlStory_Plots_Sandbox_56_Underworld.xml Empire, BasicEmpire Rebel, BasicRebel Republic, BasicRebel Pirates, None Empire, DefaultGalacticHints Pirates, DefaultGalacticHints Rebel, DefaultGalacticHints Republic, DefaultGalacticHints Underworld, DefaultGalacticHints TrueTrue Galactic_All_Planets_Controlled Galactic_All_Planets_Controlled Empire, Abregado_Rae, Ground_Cantina_E Rebel, Abregado_Rae, Ground_Cantina_R Empire, Atzerri, Ground_Cantina_E Rebel, Atzerri, Ground_Cantina_R Empire, Atzerri, Ground_Hutt_Palace_E Rebel, Atzerri, Ground_Hutt_Palace_R Empire, Corellia, Ground_Cantina_E Rebel, Corellia, Ground_Cantina_R Empire, NalHutta, Ground_Cantina_E Rebel, NalHutta, Ground_Cantina_R Empire, NalHutta, Ground_Hutt_Palace_E Rebel, NalHutta, Ground_Hutt_Palace_R Empire, Ryloth, Ground_Cantina_E Rebel, Ryloth, Ground_Cantina_R Empire, Ryloth, Ground_Hutt_Palace_E Rebel, Ryloth, Ground_Hutt_Palace_R Empire, Tatooine, Ground_Cantina_E Rebel, Tatooine, Ground_Cantina_R Empire, Tatooine, Ground_Hutt_Palace_E Rebel, Tatooine, Ground_Hutt_Palace_R