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#1 13 years ago

hi all, i have made a space map "battle over Honoghr". (the norghi homeworld for those of you who read the books). it is a 6 person map that is slightly resorce heavy compared to the official maps and has garison spawns like in SP to help make the battles a little more epic and base assult a little more difficult. i have a major balancing issue however. for some reason the rebel side does not start with fighters when the starting unit option is enabled, the empire still gets 3 ties per player on the field as well as the fighters and bombers from the base garison that come out over time. but the rebels have to wait until the base garrison comes out, they dont have the starting x wings (i belive the most recent update reduced it to 2 per player from 3). as i pride myself in quality work this creates a big problem becasue it means the empire can get to the resorce and defence points first giving them a major advantage. i have tried everything i can think of but so far nothing has worked. has anyone else run into this problem or know a solution?

i am more then happy to lend my services, so if anyone needs a map made, or if someone needs a map maker on their mod team, let me know.




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25th May 2006

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#2 13 years ago

well you can take away the empires tie squadrons and theyll both be balanced.