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#1 8 years ago

I just bought the EaW Gold Collection (EAW and FOC) off of Steam. I am trying to just tinker with the XML files a little bit. Just to change certain units, text files, that sort of thing. I downloaded the EAW Extractor - the application that allows you to view and edit the hidden files that affect gameplay - and have run into some problems. For some reason the Extractor said it did not detect Empire at War when I started the program. It still allowed me to proceed, however. I used the "extract all" command on Config.Meg to get all the files unpacked in the main EAW folder. It said it completed extracting several hundred files...but I can't see any of them in any of the EAW folders or sub-folders. Is it possible to extract and mod files in the Steam version of EAW/FOC? If so, how? Thanks for the help.