Naboo Lake underwater Skirmish Map for EaW -1 reply

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4th October 2006

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#11 9 years ago

Made it into a pack. Here's the readme and attachment:

Soaropod Productions Presents...

Lake Paonga - Map Pack v1.0: An underwater skirmish map pack for Empire ar War --------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents:

1. Description 2. Installation Instructions 3. Compatibility with Different Versions of EaW 4. Known Bugs 5. Tips 6. Permissions ---------------------------------------------------- 1. Description:

This underwater skirmish map pack is based on Lake Paonga from Episode I. Lake Paonga is the location of the Gungan city Otah Gunga. It can be played in either single or multiplayer mode and runs in the factory default EaW and most mods. This pack contains three different versions of the map: Standard Mode, Sub Battle Mode (all repulsorlift units act as submarines), and Assault Mode (speeds up game's pace by causing all relevant buildings to spawn garrisons, allowing for early and frequent battles).

2. Installation Instructions: Place "Lake Paonga.ted", "Lake Paonga - Assault.ted", and "Lake Paonga - Sub Battle.ted" into your "CustomMaps" Folder in your EaW data folder. If you are installing onto a computer with Windows XP, copy/paste the following into your Windows Explorer address bar to find the folder's default location: C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Empire atWar\GameData\Data\CustomMaps

3. Compatibility with Different Versions of EaW:

Lake Paonga v1.0 is compatible with EaW, FoC, and some mods for either.

4. Known Bugs:

* When playing these maps, you may encounter large areas of the map where textures have not loaded. This can be corrected by zooming out until the entire map is visible and the command bar disappears, then zooming back to normal view. All textures will then load properly.

* For reasons unknown, Plex Trooper missiles fly in parabolic paths, then explode; often missing the target. The MTPL's torpedos do the same thing, but their accuracy is unaffected.

5. Tips:

Don't underestimate the natives; the Gungan Army is a force to be reckoned with. Avoid them if possible.

6. Permission:

You may use these maps in a mod without asking as long as you give credit to either Captain Artenon or Logan Felipe (my modding aliases). However I'd still like you to send me a pm on filefront so I know when they are being used.

Enjoy! :)

Logan Felipe/Captain Artenon (Soaropod Productions Founder)

EDIT: Post fail; forgot the attachment. : P

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