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1st April 2007

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#1 10 years ago

Lately i've been trying to add some units to the game, but everytime i try they only get added to skirmish. Iv'e coded the unit and added it to the build que for the space station. Here is the code for the N-1 Starfighter that's been givin me the hardest time.

TEXT_N-1_STARFIGHTER_SQUADRON TIE_Fighter TIE_Bomber TIE_Prototype Tartan_Patrol_Cruiser Broadside_Class_Cruiser IPV1_System_Patrol_Craft 1 Yes1Yesno30025Rebel02507YesNoNo01DUMMY_SPACE_FIGHTER_SQUADRONN-1, N-1N-1, N-1N-130.0,0.0,0.00.0,15.0,0.00.0,-15.0,0.0-30.0,30.0,0.0-30.0,-30.0,0.0i_button_n1n1.ALO950 0 045RHD_Build_VehicleRHD_Unit_CanceledUnit_Complete_X_Wing225.01000.0200.0300.0 SmallShip 500.0SPOILER_LOCKWEAPON_DELAY_MULTIPLIER, 3.0fSHIELD_REGEN_MULTIPLIER, 1.0fENERGY_REGEN_MULTIPLIER, 1.0fSPEED_MULTIPLIER, 2TEXT_TOOLTIP_N-1 TEXT_ENCYCLOPEDIA_CLASS_FIGHTER 40010Tactical_Units1 600

They work perfectly in skirmish but wont show up at all in GC.

the same happens for other ships i try to add such as the dreadnought and the new republic destroyer, etc...