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#1 12 years ago

(Note: This thread is related with Mod Request: Colony Wars (1997)) To all modellers/model creators, texturers, and scripters of EAW/FoC... I am planning for Colony Wars mod in EAW: FoC. Colony Wars is a playstation game by Psygnosis in 1997 and had two sequels after that namely, Colony Wars Vengeance and Colony Wars Red Sun. But the timeline will be focused on the first game released in 1997. I need a modeller, texturer and a scripter in making the ship possible to be in EAW: FoC. It is a single ship, and the ship will be Tzar's personal Super Titan of the Colonial Navy, Earth Empire. A one enormous ship, a capship killer and a planet killer. Other Colonial Navy capital ships, fighters and bombers can be released some other time but we will focus on making this single ship possibly for the Empire, Rebels or Consortium. I will be helping with this ship mod project (description, voice-over, sounds, etc.). I'll provide information about the Super Titan (its weapons, length, etc.) on this post. For those modellers and scripters who are willing to help me make this mod possible, will be truly appreciated. Let us make it happen and at the same time, contribute our talents to the EAW/FoC community... Thank you for your time, MR2k6 ps. I would like to acknowledge all EaW/FoC mods especially the FoC Addon, Stargate Mod, and the SpaceShip Addon. Those mods are the best and I use them in EAW: FoC. Images of the Super Titan (cutscenes):




Images of the Super Titan (ingame):





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#2 12 years ago

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colony wars was ****ing sweet!!