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28th December 2008

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#1 11 years ago

Hi, I releashed a mod: New Galaxy Mod. See: New Galaxy Mod 1.0 Mod Download, Star Wars: Empire at War Mods With this mod I am continieuing for a 2nd version. But for this 2nd version i would like to add 2 other GC's with a story. The consurtium has the Main Galactic campaign so these will be for Empre and Rebels. I understand it a bit but not much i can't get further then editing existing once but limited. So here my request: I require a coder who can code story's. Contact: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] or PM me. OH and here is a list of what is already done in V2 at the moment and V1: V2.0: AI improvement All EaW GC's, edited to make them work propebly.(no cons) Random missions for all GC's (with rebels and empire only) Fix the Campaign (more then listed): New planet: Shola_Story, Saleucami_Story, New Traderoutes New map for: Thyferra Fresia Wayland Kashyyyk Corulag V1.0: New Galaxy Corruption removed Except: -blackmarkts -story planets -tutorial planets -prolouge planets Underworld palace has a bit larger income to cover the losses of removing corruption New map for: -Mon Calamari -Felucia -Ilum -Dantooine -Corellia -Csilla New Galactic conquests: Inner Rim (no Cons) CrossFire (no Cons) Rimma Trade Route (All Factions) And hey! today i wasted 1 year of my life. (1 year ago since joined modding com)