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#21 9 years ago

Well it would be AWESOME to see spitfires in space, (like Doctor Who Episode 3, Victory Of The Daleks, (last night in UK). Exterminate!


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28th December 2009

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#22 9 years ago

Here is part of the back story to it: In the year 2063 Zefram Cochrane invented the warp drive. In 2066 while Zefram Cochrane was experimenting with one of his warp engines, something went wrong. A rip in the time-space continuum was formed. It brought the Werhmacht's from the mirror universe to our own. I don't know if I should keep the Star Trek part in it.


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25th January 2009

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#23 9 years ago

You could just say world war two was prolonged for years and various scientific achievments came of it such as space travel, yet not for weaponry or other areas due to the war stopping much of the worlds technological advancement

Actually this sounds pretty dumb....:p

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27th September 2008

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#24 9 years ago

you can make it during WW2 in a alternate universe where they have Armoured Zeplins, Airships, Jet Planes, Pulse Gun AKA Laser Cannons

That way it can be ship fights and land with the EAW game engine

just have to make the stars texture look like land and the galaxy to look like a map