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27th February 2006

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#1 10 years ago

I was stoked at the addition of the orbital bombardment ability, but when I first used it I was severely disappointed. I've been looking for a mod that addresses this, but have yet to find one. Perhaps its too difficult, or its hardcoded, I dont know. I do know, however, that I have some major beefs with how they did it.

First of all, there is no way a bombardment would be confined to such a small area, when you can use the turbolasers of one ship to level an area twice that size, or perhaps even bigger. Think, Malak uses a fleet to destroy Taris in Kotor. Yeah it takes a fleet, but imagine if each ship only did as much area damage as the ships in FoC do. Yeah, that'd be probably tens of thousands of ships to decimate Taris. Thats a weeee bit more than his fleet at the time I'm sure.

Secondly, they do such a pitiable amount of damage. One blast from a turbolaser should easily decimate that barracks or factory. Seriously, what is up with that?.

Thirdly, Imperials get Turbolaser bombardment, Consortium gets its plasma cannon thingy, and the Rebels get.... an ION cannon bombardment?? WTF?? Why not just throw rocks or send in a squad of jedi younglings, probably be more effective. Why the hell would you want to disable units, and ONLY units (does great against Consortium shielded structures, but really, so does an Imperial bombardment) when you could decimate them with a ton of superheated energy raining hell upon their heads?

What I'd like to see, if someone is up to it or if its even possible, is at least a change to the Rebel's bombardment. I'm not really a faction-specific player, I play em all, but I play the Rebel's less thanks to that junk of a bombardment.

I suppose the size of the bombardment is decent enough, but I'd like to see some damage uppage too. Its a turbolaser for crying out loud, and a lot of them too.

I know, balance blah blah blah, well my idea of balance is that the opponent gets it as well so whats the big deal? He can use it on me, I can use it on him, there, balanced :P


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14th April 2007

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#2 10 years ago

1. Go to Factions XML, go to the Bombardment Data, go to the code that lets you change the Blob Size

2. Go to Projectile.xml go to the Bombardment Projectile and ... yeah

3. Go to Factions.xml go to Bombardment Data, change the Projectile


Go to Projectile.xml and make to where it does do damage


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#3 10 years ago

And you can add one turbolaser attack and ion on same bombardment to Rebel and Empire, it can be more realistic.

With particle editor you can make one red turbolaser bombar.


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14th October 2007

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#4 10 years ago

The Rebel bombardment is probably like that because their primary way of taking planets are raids, not massive fleet & army attacks.

A single blast may not do it, but anything that sits through the whole Imperial bombardment WILL die, unless it's been haxx0r3d.

Anyways, Edge covered the basic procedure. Assuming you have some modding skill, it shouldn't be too hard.