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2nd February 2008

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#1 13 years ago

For those of you that play Phoenix Rising 1.0 - we just released PR Enhanced 1.0, which is kind of 'lite' version of PR's excellent mod.

Phoenix Rising Enhanced 1.0

Instalation: Unpack Data folder into Phoenix Rising 1.0\Data folder; then start the game normally. Mods' Thread: Petrolution » REL - Phoenix Rising Enchanced - Revora Forums

I advise to first install DalMP Aesthetics Pack 0.3 (Petrolution » REL - DalMP's Aesthetics pack for PR - beta - Revora Forums) and Zarkis AI 0.6 (Petrolution » REL - Zarkis AI for PR BETA - Revora Forums). PR Enhanced is fully compatibile with both mods and will cause problems if used without them.

Download Link:PR Enhanced 1.0

Features: AnakinSkySolo: -improved Golan space station, now fire HeavyTurbolasers over long distances; Kaleb Graf: -bothan spies that serve as scout units for Rebellion; work exactly like ProbeDroids; icons and sounds changed by me; -Darth Vader gets Executor as his final upgrade; -Emperor gets Eclipse as his final upgrade; -upgraded ships are surface-bombardment capable; -all space maps are bigger - solved problems with pathfinding. Kitkun: -bugfix: CSA AI turned off to increase speed; -bugfix: Talay space battle bug fixed; -bugfix: Rebel and Imperial techtree problems (with MC80 Reef and Strike Cruiser) fixed; -bugfix: TIE Avanger x8 laser upgrade fixed; -bugfix: bombing run fixed. Keraunos: -all units now have chevrons, showing clearly how advanced they are: units with green chevrons are least advanced; red chevron units follow; gold chevron units are last ones available; Capital ships have only gold chevrons. -redone selection frame in space, so that it no longer overlaps new chevrons; -some units (T.I.E Starfighter, TIE Targeter and few more) have new icons; -complete compatibility with Zarkis AI 0.6 and DalMP Aesthetics Pack 0.3. -Dominator and Tector/Imperial SD icons issue fixed. It was caused by other Icon entry, working independently from my mod. -space construction icons are now darker, so upgrade markers are clearly visible

Next release will have some optional addons: -Limiting numbers of dreadnoughts: Sovereign-0; Executor-1/2; Praetor, Bulwark, Independence-4/6; -Adding Nebulon-B2 frigate, along with upgrades etc. -small adjustments to land combat - most likely no artillery, bigger infantry companies etc.; -starfighter complement changed, to better fit SW-canon; -small technology changes? changing ISD and VSD's place?

This mod woudn't be possible if not AnakinSkySolo, Kaleb Graf and Kitkun. This mod is as much mine as theirs, as they put a lot of effort to make it possible. Morover, thanks go for Shadow-Dragon, TheEmpire, Tropical Bob for discussion that helped this mod to develop, as well as their work that will soon find their place.

Above all, thanks go for Phoenix Rising himself, who made this excellent modification.

That's it, download and enjoy ;)