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24th June 2010

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#1 7 years ago

I am altering some of the strengths of various force related characters. For example, the lightsaber fighting abilities. When I go into the XML files, I find something called Projectile_Fire_Recharge_Seconds. I assume that refers to how often that hero will "swing" his lightsaber. My question is...when you get into the game, is there some "randomness" added to when two force-related characters fight eachother? For example, one time Yoda just kicked the **** out of Vader, but then when I replayed that same battle from auto-save, the next time it was just the opposite, with Vader kicking the *** out of Yoda. If there is some random element on top of whatever is in the XML file, that's fine...I 'm just wondering why the two fights can end up so differently time to time. Thanks :)


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#2 7 years ago

Darn good question that. There is an XML file called 'Hero Clash' Now, as far as I know, this file was used by EAW for when certain heroes met in battle (this feature was removed for FOC?) but the XML remained. I'm pretty sure that I remember seeing something in there that seemed to randomise the chances of victory in a clash between two hereos. I think you should have a look in there and see where that gets you.