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#1 11 years ago

On the single player campain "equal footing" when you tech up you recieve the appropriate heroes when you are rebels/empire for each tech level. When you play a multiplayer game in "equal footing" though, it is set what heroes you start out with, and you start them all at the beginning of the scenerio. I have learned how to remove the heroes totally under multiplayer section in factions..but that removed them where you cant even have them when you tech up. so basically what im asking is how do i make the multiplayer experience the same as the single player one. So for instance when im playing over a Lan game with someone who as the same files as me, how do i set it so we both tech up and get the heroes according to tech level just like when you play it as single player? a response would be appreciated. thank you


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#2 11 years ago

Petroglyph comment in the Story Mode and Tutorial Scripting System

Multiplayer (Multiplayer)

Since many if not most events should not be available under multiplayer, the multiplayer tag lets the designer state that the event is available in multiplayer games. In practice, it may be necessary to just create new plot threads for multiplayer (this is untested).

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