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19th April 2006

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#1 14 years ago

Hey guys. you may have already saw or tried out my mod, Realistic ReScale.

If you have not tried it out i would appreciate it if you try it out;62404

And good news for those who liked it. I have got v1.0 ready to go. i made everything smaller to have less lag. Right now im in the stage of setting each ship to the right depth. I redid it for two reasons, for one to make it smaller i would have to rescale everything again and two i made the dumbest mistake ever. i didnt take into account that when i was scaling, all the ships were at different depths so it messed the scales up quite a bit. So my little method for scaling correctly was setting every ship to 0 depth. right at the middle point in the Z layer. then scale everything correctly.

So v1.0 will have ABSOLUTELY correct scales. according to wookiepedia and other star wars fan sites. Also i adjusted the projectiles (lasers) to fit the smaller ships. My camera is still there so you can zoom in to see the men piloting the ISD :lol: And zoom out far enough to see the whole battle.

Also i want some beta testers. Anyone wanna help me just email me at [email][/email] or (if im on) AIM bmxboi2700 only thing i ask is people who know where to put the XML files. i dont wanna explain everytime. :P

Also i have a random problem, even a guy commented on it in the link, sometimes Boba or Chewy/Solo's ships wont move. they will fire but not move. any idea on how to fix it?? thanks


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22nd May 2006

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#2 14 years ago

yeah do you have copyes of your xmls if you do then take their ships and re do it and hopefuly it works i have probs like that all the time