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#1 11 years ago

Hi Im new to modding so i was wondering i f i could get some advice from the more experinced modders out there. First order of buisness, i have been for the last 6 months or so collection and catalouging mgaes of various imperial capital and small craft, from corvettes to SSD, Tie fighters to Scimitar assault bombers. My goal is is to create a mod that adds all the classes of ship i have found into one file to expand the empires tactical, Operational and startegc flexability. To this end the first thing i need to know is if it is at all possible to extract models, textures and various associated files from the main mod file, so i can compile soley the ones i want and use them. Here is a list, what i require is information on which mods contain them. Corvettes: Imperial Customs Corvette Frigates: Class II Frigates aka Rand Eclipict Class Friagte Lancer Class Frigate Imperial escort Carrier Destroyers: Carrack Class Cruiser Demolisher class Star Destroyer Light Cruisers: Imperial Strike Cruiser Cruisers: Dominator Class Interdictor Star Destroyer Heavy Cruiser: Viceroy class Star Destroyer Battle Cruiser: Allegience Class Praetor Class SSDs: Vengence Titan I Know AEM 4.5 contains alot of these, so i need to know if it is possible to extract the files i want, all credit to original authors of course, also, editing software is there any dedicated software out there for editing stuff in EAW/FOC or just EAW Please dont waste my time, if you dont have anything useful to say on this topic, dont post please Regards

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#2 11 years ago

Sierra. Just reading through your post made me pretty mad when I got to this part:

Please dont waste my time, if you dont have anything useful to say on this topic, dont post please

A word to the wise. When you post this kind of thing in your FIRST post on the forum, especially when your requesting help, your inviting some pretty nasty comments/replies. Now to the point in your post. Your best bet is to look over the likes of Nomada's mod for a good few of those as I believe his contains alot of the larger SSD's and SD's. The Ecliptic is in there and I think he may have the Viceroy in there as well. If its not then the ship appears as part of the Battlestar Galactica Colonial Wars mod.