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16th August 2008

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#81 11 years ago

Wow I didnt know no one used this... Well if anyone reads, this...anyone willing to convert my .obj files to .alo? I cant do it because I use XSI since Max costs money.


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4th July 2008

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#82 11 years ago

I know this thread hasn't been used much until recently so I thought that I might as well post the needs for DOTE(the Demise of the Empire Mod) Recruiting for: The Demise of the Empire Mod Positions needed(yes, I know that these positions are very hard to find, but it doesn't hurt to look): Modeler Rigger Animator Skinner(Maybe, because I might be able to skin models but I'm not sure) Website/forum: DOTE forums Mod's Filefront Thread Some info on the mod: The Demise of the Empire is a mod for Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. The mod's Timeline takes place after the Battle of Endor and will go up to just before the signing of the Pellaeon-Gavrisom Treaty. This mod will create three playable factions: the Imperial Remnant, the New Republic and Imperial Warlords. Each Faction will include new land and space units as well as new heroes. The mod will also have various non-playable mini-factions(Ex. Lumiya's Sith, Empire Reborn, Hapes Consortium, Duskhan League). This mod will also added more realism and will require you to use strategy. I'm also planning on adding an actual campaign/series of random events. Contact info: You can contact me here at the Filefront forums via pm, via the DOTE forums, via xfire(username= jamoking), or you can email me at jamoking3 AT yahoo DOT com