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21st October 2007

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#1 10 years ago

hi i was wondering whether anyone knows how to either remove the pop cap from maps or make them bigger also if there is a way would the work on 3rd party maps

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19th September 2008

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#2 10 years ago

Pop cap isn't on maps, it's for the factions themselves, at least for space. Look in Factions.xml and Expansion_Factions.xml for the line:


As for ground battles, I'm not sure. I'm guessing that may be hard-coded into the game....but again, I don't know for sure.


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#3 10 years ago

Pop limit for ground battles is only hard coded in GC(since you can select where to put the units, 10 slots) in skirmish you can do w/e with the pop limit.


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26th February 2008

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#4 10 years ago

Hey i have a similar question, on certain planets you are restricted to only being able to have a certain population; for example on corellia, kasshyyk, and idk what other planets but the empire is restricted to a certain population and i was wondering how to change that? If u can point me in the general direction im pretty sure i can be figure it out from there, and thanks in advance if you can help me.

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9th March 2007

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#5 10 years ago
GrdAdmSenza;4792854Pop limit for ground battles is only hard coded in GC(since you can select where to put the units, 10 slots) in skirmish you can do w/e with the pop limit.

I'm pretty sure changing the ground pop cap limit effects both Gc and Skirmish.


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1st April 2008

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#6 10 years ago

You have to edit the unit's pop. VALUE. Only that way you can have unlimited units. It may take long, but it's the only way.


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27th March 2006

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#7 10 years ago

theres alot of bum scoop I'm seeing soooo... to manually adjust the galactic map population limit you have a few options actually: #1 you can edit how much each planet or space station give as a population bonus in its respective xml... look for a population heading... #2. You can make the value 0 for all units in the game. As far as tactical battle pop caps in space and land here are your options... #1 space: you can change this under two xmls... factions and expansion_factions xml. once in the factions xml has two lines with the pop cap for space and land ... one for rebels near the top and one for empire about half way through... you will see values for land and space... to adjust space you need to do aditional changes (see below) #2 to change the ground pop cap limit you also need to edit the ground maps with a map editor... because alot of maps have like a 3 starting pop cap landing zone... so even if you have 50 pop cap for ground youll still only be able to land 3 units but the enemy defending forces will have 50... a little imbalanced right... to resolve this change the starting landing zone with a 10...and you might want to add a second landing zone nearby with another ten landing zone...this is a littl ebuggy though in that you wont see all your units when the battle is over... you have to zoom out to galactic... drag them up into space to see all of them if there are more than ten since there are only ten slots for ground units (visibly) although they are actually there... Screwing with the ground pop cap limit is not a good can cause crashes, bugs and huge... huge... huge gameplay can imrove them drastically by other means such as reducing at-at pop usage to 1 instead of 2..., but you can also do more like instead of 1 at-at per company.... make it to where its 2 per company... and of course double the t4bs in the rebel complanies to maintain balance... just an idea