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2nd January 2007

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#1 11 years ago

Hi all

I've been in this community for a while and i'd like to think i was a respected member of it. I've followed many mods from the start and seen them rise to greatness, without yet being completed. However, recently i've been seeing RAW and following it too, but i am now FURIOUS at whats been happening.

Now dont get me wrong, raw IS a good mod by some of the best modders in the community, and i think it will be one of the best mods for EAW. But will you all please shut the fuck up about it.

Everywhere i go i see a fucking hoard of fanboys begging z3r0x for a titbid of information, or to show them something they've seen a million times before.

Dudes, let him finish the mod.

It really pisses me off to see so many idiots clamoring for information about the mod which, althought it'll be good, wont meet your expectations. If you make up in your mind that it'll be the best mod ever, you may find yourselves dissapointed, so just calm it and let rox finish the mod

Now, copycats.

I know you all want a good clone wars mod, and there are two coming to you. Thrawns Revenge: Fall of the Republic and also Republic at war. Now why not just WAIT a few fucking months and get a DECENT mod, instead of your own crappy slapdash using the same shit every other bugger has used before???

What makes RAW and FOTR stand out from all the other clone wars mods is that they have unique stuff, that hasnt been used before. RAW does use warlords models, which have been largely used before, but they also use some new ones. The Thrawns revenge mod is even better, becuase they make their OWN models. They dont scrounge off of mods like z3r0x FOC addon, (The credits of which were hazy), and caus a fucking legal battle.

Will all of you just wait for these mods for gods sakes. They'll be better than you can make. Patience is a virtue.

Now, my final point at RAW.

Whats so great about it? FOTR for TR was around long before RAW, but RAW must be better because its being made by z3r0x? Thrawns revenge have made all of their own models and skins, and have improved the game significantly, but R0x decides to make a clonewars mod so it must be better?


Its n00bs. They all worship him becuaes he brought out a decent mod before, so they've all started worshiping him, despite raw being WORSE than thrawns revenge! The only reason RAW gets so much publicity is because of Z3R0X. You wouldnt all care if it were me or someone else making the EXACT same mod.


Its Z3R0X you love, not RAW.


Oh yes, we couldnt have a rant without mentioning Nomada.

Nomada firefox...

What to say about him...

Personally, i hate the guy. He was a lier, thief.etc. We all know this...

So what happened?

He decided to 'claim' responsibility for his actions. So now of course all the nubs want to see his mod which has been shittily put together with crappy skins and models stolen from everywhere were he allegedly has permission. Its so shit. Have you seen the screenshots? the quality of it is crap. But the ships are new, so of course the fucking n00bs want to grab at it and steal it and make it for themselves. They just want new stuff, no matter how shitty it is. And he just adds everything. No care for balance, or showmanship, just addes every piece of shit out there.

Now, because im on a role.

Jedi Consular.

I have NO grieveances against you, and this is not a criticism of you in the slightest. I know you probably dont expect this from me, but just listen. I hope this doesnt affect our friendship.

SOTE. Two years ago we were preparing to release it.... What the hell? What happened? Oh yeah, someone suggested something else. Of course. Something else to add. Oh yeah, and the other thing. Lets add SOMETHING ELSE....Do you see what im getting at. You just need to learn to say no sometimes. No offence but you've let it get a little out of hand. You've just let anything people have suggested be added to the mod, and tbh thats not such a good thing. You've created a brilliant mod, which will STILL be fun to play, but you've added too much depth. Its not a quick, fun game like EAW should be. Its too full. In the last alpha it took 15 days to upgrade station 1 to two....15 days...What the hell? It shouldnt be that long. Im sorry that im critisizing SOTE, but i feel i have to.

So yeah. I may have hurt some feelings today, but this community has turned into a shithole, and tbh thats why i dont want to be involved in it anymore.

So good bye to all and to all a good night



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15th December 2008

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#2 11 years ago

oooo. cranky. but its nice to see someones opinion for a change. a bit crazy


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#3 11 years ago

Not strange read it from him.

When a modder tells crap to other mods.............he is not a good modder. He can be many things but he does not deserve too from community.

What happens with Nomada? he deserves more the trust from people than you probably. He has not insulted to other modders and his work, even he has not spoken bad from you and he has not stolen absolutely nothing from nobody, IĀ“m tired from see answers from creators speaking well from him, he has not taken credit from nobody and he always gives all the credit to the first creator when he imports one new model.

Now you can continue telling us your thoughts, probably you tell us it here because you see yourself saved from moderators but I think that Antilles and his comrades will not let this type of threads here.


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2nd January 2007

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#4 11 years ago

Why thank you for that nomada, and thank you for admitting you steal.

'Nothing from nobody' is a double negative. learn to speak the english language.


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18th September 2008

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#5 11 years ago

Hands out tissues.... but yeah this community have no sense of working together... look at what have made of mods this community can hardly even come close.... why because people dont wanna share... its so lame but W/e

Anyways sad to see you go but w/e... this look more like a personal rant like you sound pretty imature like som kid who got overlooked... by hes parents.. or some s like that.. well tobad your mod looked like it could have been epic.. but ohh well shame.. shame...

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24th October 2005

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#6 11 years ago

Nice Troll Thread :)

A Mod, A Mod, my kingdom for a Mod ;)


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10th November 2004

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#7 11 years ago

Thread closed due to inflammatory nature.