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#1 6 years ago

Hi everyone. At the moment I am looking for a new skin for the stock Venator model. If anyone has a link to one, or can create one for me, it would be very much appreciated. I was going to use the Model and Skins from the 'ISD vs. Venator mod V2', but I don't know how to get into contact with 'EvilleJedi', who I believe created the model and skin used in that mod. Does anyone know if he let's people use his stuff, as long as they give credit, like most other modellers, or does he have to give permission first? Thanks in advance, AUS_Doug


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#2 6 years ago

Unless you plan on releasing a mod with the Venator, you don't need to bother getting permission. If you do plan a release on the other hand, I'd check with whoever is still running the Warlords site (EJ's done with modding anything, last I heard). Or the ISDvsVenator guy, since I assume he rigged the models for the mod (or knows who did).

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