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15th December 2008

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#1 12 years ago

well as a few of you know my foc will not work so my other mod is canceled until its fixed i have had spare time lately and thought of making an unoffical patch well i have had a small start Ssdcommander's Unoffical Patch, Star Wars: Empire at War Downloads, Star Wars: Empire at War Mods any way in future version expect to see alot of changes here is my current read me: ssdcommander's unoffical patch V2 Adds: venater to reb V-wing to reb in skirmish and space stations modifys: puts ackbar and pete at skirmish lvl 4 insted of five, x-wing squadron now have four unit insted of five increases the star destroyers fl and fr turbo lasers health from 325.0 to 350.0 t-2b tanks now spawn a rebel trooper when dead Changes the amount of damage givin in an asturoid field from 20 to 50 changes menubattle music changes rebel space pop cap from 25 to 120 changes empires space pop cap from 20 to 100 for space skirmish the money you can get has been increased to 2000-16000 still not much done so far, any balanceing issues talk to me i will be adding to this but for now here is:saber::KTA::aug2::drink: