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#1 8 years ago

Hi everyone, This is about Nett40´s Star Wars Clone WArs mod. We am currently working on version IV (with Nett´s permission) and it is looking good. Here are some pics of new and improved ships. Republic Light cruiser Screeny6.jpg The Malevolence m2.jpg New Lucrehulk battleship, newlucrehulk.jpg Republic artillery, screeny2.jpg we are also trying to add a spider droid in it: Spiderdroid.jpg There is a lot more done like new ground vehicles, dead clones, sounds, maps, you name it. But we need some help with modeling, skinning and animating. Other features like mapper and coder are also still availeble. If you are interrested in a function or just have a question: Send me a message on this site, or moddb. You can also send an E-mail to [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]. Community please help, your are only hope. :PPP=p You can follow our progress on this site: Best Regards, Mikofski (Leader Star Wars - Clone Wars team)


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30th January 2010

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#2 8 years ago

looks nice, never seen a spider walker in any mods yet.

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#3 8 years ago

Looking good, more CIS vehicles is always a plus :)


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#4 8 years ago

i'm just asking this but could you make a new space station for the CIS like you have done for the repbulic please because i think that they will be better with a different original space station thank you.


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#5 8 years ago

I saw a very basic spider walker model once, but other than that I've never seen a spider walker model. That would be totally awesome. Those SPHA-Ts are way more awesome than the model I have too :o

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#6 8 years ago
D3matt;5392845I saw a very basic spider walker model once, but other than that I've never seen a spider walker model. That would be totally awesome. Those SPHA-Ts are way more awesome than the model I have too :o

The pulse tank that's on Filefront ._.


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#7 8 years ago

Yes, the tank is on filefront, but the beam it fires is not.

Also: We are willing to add new units, hero's and structures but for now we only have 1 modeler. We need more if we want progress to be "faster". Does anyone on this forum know who might wanna help?


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#8 8 years ago

The stuntank corps is missing an picture icon. Is there a possibility to build or change the CIS's space station so its not the rebellion's space station. Also this is a suggestion from another.

Your mod is very good but I have some suggestions for your next mod... and plz this is not a criticism:

1* the clone soldiers shooting are green and not blue.

2* the republic used orange instead of red.

3* is a lie that the arc-170 starfighter can not attach the wings, plus they do not have ion cannons ... only have two medium laser cannons and two large.

4* tries to make the heads of the phase 1 clone troopers are like those of the galactic mod resurrection: republic troopers.

5* laser guns (not the turbolaser guns) of the attack cruiser of the republic make shots green instead of blue.

6* tries to make the firing gunship latt using the color blue.

7* about the bombers of the republic: for the second phase of the war (the revenge of the Sith) the republic had no bombers.

8* tries to make the assault ships of the republic to use its red paint when downloading troops as well as at-te.

9* exploration soldiers you gave to the republic are wrong, those are the galactic empire.

10* is a lie that uses beta as a field commander as he is the leader of the soldiers arc.

11* These fighters are making smaller and larger ships will be more realistic as well.

12* Master Mace window uses a laser saber purple not blue.

im sorry if its long

Things i think should be fixed to make a much better game...

don't get me wrong its pretty good, probably the best one out there at the moment and there are a lot of things i like about this mod better than the original

sorry if this is long but im naming everything i notice as i play so i can give the most accurate feedback possible. if you do change any of this (particularly the AAT and ATRT issues) i will be extremely grateful.

the constant corruption can be annoying as i have a zero tolerance policy for corruption except on capital ship planets

creating a battle simulator to help with balancing, would be extremely beneficial (like a map creator but you can turn off {or pause} it on whenever you want and place units when paused to better test balancing)

additional unit suggestions as manufactureable or as transports

CIS: Trade Federation C-9990 Perimeter Patroller (as unit not transport) maybe hold a fighter squad or 2 Trade Federation Missile Frigate Commerce Guild Diamond Transport Cruiser (as unit not transport) maybe hold a fighter squad or 2

Republic: ARC-170 Heavy Fighters Z-95 Headhunter Medium Fighter Naboo N-1 Starfighters Naboo N-2 Star Bomber Old Republic LAAT/i Gunship (unit or transport) Old Republic LAAT/c Carrier (transport) Republic Victory Star Destroyer



boost shield power ability on more ships? also some ship shields are ridiculously strong compared to others ex: providence class CIS vs any republic ship particularly Grievous's ship (on medium as Republic i sent a republic heavy cruiser against him and it was destroyed without hardly doing any damage to shields... so i send 6 Acclaimators and the Resolute in and the only way i won was to use the proton beam on the shield generator, it almost didn't destroy it, afterwords grievous proceeds to destroy 2 Acclaimators and severely damages Resolute before being destroyed)

grievous is over powered, resolute should be able to do more damage without using proton beam, rustbucket is very over powered and can shoot backwards, allayas ship is un-selectable and to large, resolute should head towards target when using proton beam rather than turning sideways,

have torrent fighters be able to "lock foils" like an x wing? also they are very lacking in combat effectiveness why cant i target or shoot transport class 1s?

find a unit to replace broadside, ipv, and tartan too, it doesn't really feel like a CIS vs republic battle with those dominating low tech

CIS needs light carrier or something like that to have fighters in low tech ships (see above for CIS unit suggestions)

ships occasionally turn around the long way, although this happens in the normal version if you could fix this it would be great

Bnoticed that republic ship models are significantly better

unit pricing should be better adjusted for the firepower you are getting. IE: munificent vs commerce guild, munificent has about 3 times the firepower but commerce guilds shields are about 5 times stronger

didn't Munificents and/or Commerce Guild Recuscants have fighter launch capability?

again sorry if this is too long


droids inability to "cover" makes them extremely easy to take out with Republic infantry

why are gungans sided with sith?

not having padme talking every time she shoots would help

anakin should have force crush, also force push doesnt affect droids for some reason

have republic AI not just spam bi-ped walkers and have it make infantry and heavy units too

make bunkers and buildings more susceptible to light fire, it shouldn't take an army to take down 1 bunker or base structure in a decent amount of time

decrease transport unload times

make super battle droids able to switch between lasers and rockets

game calls yoda "nute gunray" on the objectives list

put STAPS on a lower tech level and lower tech steal price?

units seem incapable of shooting indigenous jedi knights on corusaunt, sometimes i can get them to sometimes but its pretty annoying. seems that only secondaries shoot them consistently

significantly decrease hail fire effectiveness against infantry, maybe rapid fire concussion missile rather than proton torps. (1 that would be more realistic because they actually shot missiles not area of effect guided bombs 2 they wouldn't be able to "run and gun" around destroying swathes of enemies) if you want the anti infantry capability how about a secondary rapid fire laser cannon?

AT RTs and ATPTs are almost more effective against vehicles than infantry, anti infantry effectiveness should be boosted at anti vehicle expense

republic needs a medium to low tech anti vehicle unit or two

downsize enforcers maybe?

AT PTs are more significantly more durable than their purpose suggests they be. they're basically atsts in firepower and defense (why are they "weak against AATs" if they can kill one AAT 1 on 4 if the atpt doesn't run?)

units shooting an atrt shoot right in front so they miss a lot

AAT Main Gun is way underpowered, secondaries too but not as important. AT-RTs and AT-PTs are way too difficult to take out with them. remember it is a MainBattleTank. if you want you can up the cost to balance the firepower increase

although enforcers did significantly overpower AATs they were much more comparable in size and firepower (as CIS on easy: 3 enforcers took down about 20 atrts and 4 ATPTs easily while 4 AATs took down about 3 atrts before they all died {facing comparable numbers} plus the automatic miss thing applied to the AAT so half the shots missed) perhaps decrease enforcer and increase AAT firepower?

what is the point of a MTT that cannot "deploy" like an ATAT? you can hardly get any units into a battle anyway with the low pop caps, aside from running everything over which is the only point i see in its existence since its so durable, i also find it ironic that the only thing that could destroy one on one particular battle i played was yoda swinging his lightsaber... considering that could never happen i prefer the version that deploys like an ATAT with weapon capability and is not as durable and maybe slower and more resilient to heroes

Droidekas should be treated more as powerful as super durable heavy infantry, not light/medium anti everything vehicles

unit pricing should be better adjusted for the firepower you are getting. AAT and enforcers are relatively close yet enforcers are ridiculously more powerful

These are all suggestions from others BTW this is one of the easiest and greatest mods to use. This is the best mod i have ever played.

Why are the republic ships weaker. I just got killed by pirates with three venator class capital ships.


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#9 8 years ago

Hey !!!!

I would like to help with star wars the clone wars iv mod !!! I think that the mod can be improve a little more !!!! in this parameters:

1.- The voices are not very good, i mean the sound kind of weird ... and clone voices can ve improved a lot you can get a lot from the cartoon program ... thats what i did

2.- you must do minor heroes like droid commanders and put cody and rex commander as minor heroes don't you think ???

3.- and put more efford in galactic conquest put some history in each one and maybe change de hologram sfx when starting a space o land battle

I can help in anything you want !!!! with pleasure :beer:

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#10 8 years ago

What was the last version you downloaded? If it was Version 3, Mikofski and the others have made a LOT of changes since V3 and there is now a Version 4. Try this link to see the changes. Star Wars - Clone Wars mod - Mod DB

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