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18th September 2009

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#31 11 years ago
Filo;5284585Look at the calendar :D

If you mean look at the calendar as in it's April 1st, I know, but I forgot to put that in. I think I was going mention April Fools Day, but I thought it in my head before I typed it up, so I skipped it.

Please ignored everything in my previous post, unless it has to do with my mod.

But it doesn't matter now because my laptop crashed and I'm typing this from another computer and this mod is dead....OR is it?? (Evil Palpatine laugh *cough* OW my throat) AF

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18th September 2009

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#32 11 years ago

Update on Heroes and what tech level they come in at.

Galactic Empire:

TECH 1 Emperor Palpatine-"The Majestic"

Darth Vader-"Exactor" SD

Antinnis Tremayne- "Interrogator" SD

Mara Jade

Boba Fett-"Slave I"

TECH 2 General Veers

181st Squadron

Bossk-"Hound's Tooth"



General Rom Mohc-"Arc Hammer"

Blackhole-"Singularity" SD

Grand Admiral Thrawn-"Admonitor"

Captain Gilad Pellaeon-"Chimera"

TECH 4 Admiral Gaarn-"Annihilator" SSD-Has to be built on Kuat LV.4 Starbase, Comes with 4 Acclamators, and 1 Mandator MK2, and 1 Procurator.

Admiral Sarn-"Terror" SSD- Has to be built on Kuat, Carries 20 TIE Phantom Squadrons, 4 TIE Interdictor Squadrons, and 4 TIE Heavy Bomber Squadrons.

Moff Jerrjerodd (Don't know if I spelled that right)

Admiral Zant-"Twilight Thorn" Arbiter class SSD - Zant is the Head of the Empire's Droid Extermination Program(DExP). Special forces trained to fight the IG-88 Droid Army.

TECH 5 Death Squadron-"The Executor", "Accuser", "Devastator", "Avenger", "Tyrant", "Stalker", "Conquest"- Commanded by Admiral Firmus Piett

Task Force Vengeance- Has to be built on Fondor LV.5 starbase, 15 pop points and cost 18,000 credits to build. Includes the SSD Vengeance, along with 6 SDs, 5 Victory SDs, 4 Nebulons, and 5 CR90s.

Rebel Alliance:

Tech 1 Mon Mothma

R2-D2 and C-3P0

Juno Eclipse-"Rogue Shadow"

Kyle Katarn-"Moldy Crow"

TECH 2 Leia Organa

Rianna Saren-"Claw of Ryloth" Barloz-class

Chewie and Han Solo

TECH 3 Luke Skywalker

Lando Calrissian-"The Lady Luck"

Yoda-"Peacekeeper"Corellian Star Shuttle

TECH 4 Rogue Squadron

Garm Bel-Iblis -- "The Peregrine"

TECH 5 Admiral Ackbar- "Home One"- comes with 6 CR90s, 2 MC-30s, 4 MC-40s, and 2 MC-80s.

Admiral Starwind- "Outlaw Star II" Mandator MK2 - comes with the "Invisible Hand II", 4 Venator SDs(Republic One, The Prominence, The Hunter, The Liberty), and 1 MC-80(The Black Pearl). Starwind is the Head of the Rebel's Anti-Droid Special Forces Divison.(ADSF)

I've added in New Infantry units for the Rebels, Empire, And Droids.

The Empire now has Eleven types of Infantry. They are:

Incinerator Troopers(3 per Company) Storm Commandos(4 per Company)

The Imperial Guard(7 per company) In space they have RG Tie Interceptors, a total of 7 fighters in each squadron.

Dark Trooper Phase Zero(5 per company)

Stormtrooper Commanders(part of a special squad that includes 2 Scout troopers, 3 Shadow Troopers, 5 phase 0 D.T., and 1 Stormtrooper Com.

Shadow Troopers (only in Stormtrooper Com. Squads)

Blackhole Stormtroopers(requires the Singularity)

And Scout Troopers

The Rebels only have Seven Infantry types, Reb. Soldiers, PLEX Soldiers, Rebel Commandos, Bothan Spies, Wookiee Warriors, Elite Reb Soldiers, and Infiltrators.

The Droid Army has Dark Troopers Phase One, Sentinel Droids, Legionnaire Droids(now being used as the Primary Infantry for the Droids), Super Battle Droids, IG-Stormtroopers, IG-86 Assassian Droids, and R3 Droids.

I also hope to add in the Republic Tank Droid, the Ferret Corvette, and the XR-85 Tank Droid.

I've added in 3 new space units for the droids.

The BRN Droid Starfighter, BRN-class Cruiser, and the BRN-class Battleship.

And a new unplayable faction, the Pangainie Empire. They control only 2 planets. I wonder if anyone can guess who they are?

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#33 10 years ago

As much as I don't want to say this, but I'm done with this mod. And for various reasons that I can't say, I'm done with modding. One of the crazy sounding reasons is because I think I've lost interest in Star Wars.

So that's it, I'm done. I know I've NEVER made anything and released it, but I proboly would if my old Computer hadn't crashed and I would have release some of my mods, Rise of Black Sun, Ultimate Heroes, and 4 ABY.

And good luck to all the big mods like Republic At War, Stargate EaW, and UEAW.

Admiral Ash(I don't think I ever like that name)

Mods I would have made if I could have:

Star Wars: Sci-Fi Alliance- Would have been the Republic, United Federation, Tau'ri, BSG, Earth Alliance(Babylon 5), UNSC, and Galactic Federation(Metroid) as The Olympus Alliance Versus the enemies from Star Wars, Trek, Gate, BSG, B5, Halo, and Metroid as the Dark Alliance. Had the idea long before Sci-fi at War.

Star Wars Galaxy-Had the Corellians, Mon Cal and Trade Federation as playable Factions.

Ultimate Star Wars(follows in the design type of ACM and ZeR0x's mod by having tons of Ships and Heroes)

Ultimate Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Ultimate Star Wars: The Galactic Civil War

Ultimate Star Wars: Legacy

Ultimate Star Wars: 10,000 ABY (Set Ten-Thousand years after Yavin. The galaxy united under the United Republic and existed in 9,000 Years of peace from 1000 ABY to 10,000.

With heroes like Rai Skywalker, Lania Solo, Satira Kenobi, and Jan Fett.

Their enemy, The Serpent Empire. Extra-Galactic Race.

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#34 10 years ago

Star Wars Droid Uprising to be reborn as The Galactic Legacy of Star Wars.(NOT a Legacy era mod)

Rebellion renamed New Republic, Consortium renamed Droid Empire.

Beta Version: 90% complete.

Will include new textures from Farseer/Jeff Cheney. New stuff based off Sins of a Solar Empire, like Frigate Shipyards, Capital Shipyards, Orbital Refinery(has same ability as Mustafar), Trade Outpost(hopefully will work like Piracy Coruption).

Also will include The Starforge, the Malevolence, Qui-gon Jinn, Darth Maul, Sev'rance Tann, Mace Windu, Cade Skywalker, and Deliah Blue.