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#1 8 years ago

Hi everyone. At the moment I am having real trouble getting my tractor beam sattelites to attack anything. If I try and target a ship by clicking on the tractor beam ability icon, it will not let me set anything as a target. If i right click on a target, nothing happens. Below is the code for the Satellite and it's Hardpoint. If somebody could take a look and tell me what is wrong I would very much appreciate it. TEXT_ORBITAL_DEFENSE_SATELLITE_TRACTOR TEXT_TOOLTIP_DEFENSE_SATELLITE_TRACTOR TEXT_TOOLTIP_DEFENSE_SATELLITE_TRACTOR TEXT_ENCYCLOPEDIA_CLASS_STRUCTURE EV_Satallite_TB.alo i_button_tractor_beam.tga 330 -30 Yes 0.1 0.1 1 0 SPACE_OBSTACLE, DUMMY_ORBITAL_STRUCTURE, SELECTABLE, REVEAL, HIDE_WHEN_FOGGED, UNIT_AI, TARGETING, WEAPON, POWERED, SHIELDED, DAMAGE_TRACKING, TURRET, TACTICAL_SELL Empire 30 Armor_Satellite 14000 20 14000 10000 20 12 Yes Large_Explosion_Space EHD_Build_Structure EHD_Building_Canceled EHD_Construction_Complete Unit_Generic_Building_Death_SFX 1, 0.66, 0.33 0, 1, 2 null,SFX_Grenade_Detonation, SFX_Grenade_Detonation true Structure Yes 25000 100 0 0 0 StaticObject True 3000.0 2500 HP_Turret_Tractor_Beam 1 1 True False False No TRACTOR_BEAM SPEED_MULTIPLIER, 0.1f Satellite_Tractor_Beam_Attack_Ability 5 Unit_Tractor_Beam_Star_Destroyer Unit_Tractor_Beam_Star_Destroyer Unit_Star_Destroyer_Tractor_Beam User_Input Corvette | Frigate |Capital Millennium_Falcon, Sundered_Heart Buzz_Droids 5 1200 .95 2 HARD_POINT_TRACTOR_BEAM TEXT_TRACTOR_BEAM_HARDPOINT No No 225.0 Root HP_trac_bone HP_TRAC_BLAST HP_TRAC_EMITDAMAGE Large_Explosion_Space_Empire Unit_Hardpoint_Bay_Death