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14th February 2007

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#1 13 years ago

ok the models you make will have to be rigged by a real modeler, but you can make models, so first download GMax (>Turbo Squid -- gmax<) then learn how to model for GMax, then to get your models to a real modeler, you'll use .obj files. to learn how to to export .obj files from GMax --so a REAL modeler can rig them-- go here: >Turbo Squid -- Forum Posts< that is a link! ok if you want to beable to export more file formats from GMax get blender, import the .obj's you made earlier to blender (blender sucks, were just using the extensive file formats it can import and export) then export the files as any of the available formats! there are limitations, BUT IT'S FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'll post a link to blender soon, it's a freeware modeling program. I'M putting ><'s around links k.

> blender.org - Home < There's blender! PS blender sucks, don't try modeling wit it!