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16th December 2008

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#1 9 years ago

this unit wont show up in game, i even put it in skirmish but it wouldn't show up Shuttle_Tyderium10012402YesTIE_Fighter_Squadron, 1TIE_Fighter_Squadron, 0 SELECTABLE, DUMMY_STARSHIP ABILITY_COUNTDOWN,SIMPLE_SPACE_LOCOMOTOR, POWERED, SHIELDED, REVEAL, TARGETING, UNIT_AI, ASTEROID_FIELD_DAMAGE, SPAWN_SQUADRON, DAMAGE_TRACKING, ION_STUN_EFFECT, NEBULA HP_LAMB_SPAWN21Tactical_Units00DEPLOY_SQUAD5 Unit_Deploy_Squad_Vader_Executor Landing Transport


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18th February 2009

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#2 9 years ago

Try making a whole new unit using the shuttle model. Variants can get buggy and there might be a line in the original coding that states it cant be built.