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14th February 2007

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#1 10 years ago

Ok, I've Found some infomation on the web about this, one if your model didn't export right, try shrinking it by a lot, if you shrink it small enough then it willl work! there are still bugs though, i'm looking into the use of a .md5 importer for max and exporter for GMax witch will allow support for animations and possably fixing some of the probs encountered in the md3 format.

I'll post the new information as soon as i can confirm it works, i'll need somone with max to verify the md5 importer works, if it doesn't then i will keep looking untill i find a working way to get GMax into MAX and then to .alo.

Here is my original converting info:

here are links to some things that will help you convert your models to .OBJ , .3DS , .ASC , .LWO , .X , .DXF , .COB , and .MS3D .

Please download the files below.

.Md3 Exporter - http://www.davidhsmith.net/downloaditems/md3exp.zip *Unzip and put it in C:gmax/plugins/ - When exporting your model, if it has no animation set "the fallowing frames to 0"

( Will upload better exporter SOON )

Npherno - http://www.davidhsmith.net/downloaditems/NMD3C.zip *Unzip and install(if you have to) -This program will fix problems made by the .MD3 Exporter. The problem with the exporter is that some polygons may be inverted .

(As a note, I will upload a better exporter later, this program can ruin models to be unopenable, depending on the model)

Lithunwrap - Seriously! - Downloads - LithUnwrap v1.3 *Install this program and run it . -This program will convert .MD3 to the formats i wrote above . This program is also a UV mapper.

And blender, can ruin some models, soo be careful, it can import and export over 30 formats, but not .md3 :( so you have to use lithunwrap to convert to .3ds first.

blender.org - Home

3DS trial over here: Autodesk 3ds Max 2008 Download - Softpedia (It's not as big a fuss to download)

GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program ~ Gimp

Download Audio Editing Software. Free Version. ~ wavepad

MAX Plugins.de - the plugin database for 3ds Max ~ plugin database for max/GMax (Gmax may have been removed)

Star Wars: Empire at War, Star Wars: Empire at War Downloads - FileFront.com ~ everyone knows where this is, but for gusts, GO HERE FOR TONS OF STUFF!

Below are some posts from the turbosquid forum, I have and will not check these right now, but this is some tool sets people said were usefull in converting.

Posts from turbosquid forums

JAQUAYS.COM: Model Making Resources

also this link:

converting gmax to max or max to gmax : KatsBits TUTORIALS



jk3 master sticky http://forums.filefront.com/attachments/trash-can/45744d1138303354-jka-modding-tutorials-tools- (Thats a 3ds plugin)

I'm searching for more :)

UPDATE: Do NOT use nphzero, or the md3 exporter listed, you must use the TEMPEST PLUGIN

Available same place as GMax, here: Turbo Squid -- gmax

I have to go now, but i will keep you guys informed about the abilitys of getting GMax into MAX :)

If anyone wants to help me track down this into LEMME KNOW! I've been using cha cha and google, searching forums n stuff, and if the MD5 works we'll all be way happier ;)

O and no nphzero, because the probs it fixes are the ones tempest fixes. I'll make a more complete instruction set SOON.