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#1 14 years ago

Before we begin lets establish the rules of UV'ing and what you can do and not do AND what it is... What you will need : 3ds max 6 7 or 8 9 for sure, Not having a 1GH processor helps, A demanding task for that kind of hardware. Texporter : Go google it its completely free. What is it? : First off you know how in alot of our renders (IE : Thrawns revenge, Stars ablaze, UEAW, DE, AOSW, GG) How theyre completely gray? UV unwrapping makes a Colorable map, That you texture... Rules : Alot of people dont get this but if you UV a plane/face that slightly angles the UV will stretch, Making a giant piece of gook! You also cannot make faces overlap eachother, For instance if you UV'ed FACE 1, And FACE 2 And one was completely different from the other (Such as if one was on top and one was to the left) you would get a serious error, However if two faces are in the same direction and look the same you can do this. Ok lets begin... Go to this menu, photo1.jpg CLICK : Box and drag in the middle of your grid... You must drag its length and height, No problem really. Now RIGHT click the box and go down to : Convert to : A menu should pop out and click editable poly... Now go to your modifier Menu photo2.jpg And press U till you find UNWRAP UVW Now lets begin, Click the plus sign next to UNWRAP UVW, (Its above editable poly) And click FACE Now then lets REALLY get started, Click on a random face any will do... Scroll down till you find the button EDIT! click it you will see a bunch of crap in a small blue OUTLINED box... This is normal, but click the button PLANAR! Judging on what place you selected will judge on how to align it, If you clicked a box in the Y direction (Left or right) click ALIGN y (Note when you click a face The gizmo will appear where you selected, it will have all the directions you need to know how to allign) photo3.jpg When its done UN click planar and move it outside the blue box, Do this for the other side, For top and bottom do allign Z and front and back is Allign X Now then you need to move all the faces you planar'ed out of the blue box, when you've done so...Click one on the faces and Scale it down by pressing this button and dragging the face to a small size... (Its like how you made the box,) Now when all of those are in that little blue box :P Go to the hammer on your menu, click MORE click one and just press t till you find texporter, Make the size for the UV from 800 600 to 1024 1024, Then click choose object (something like that) And click the box, If all faces dont show up its fine, Go back to the menu where you were UV'ing, And go back to edit, And change it to face... Select a face that didnt appear and Hold down the last button on the right till it brings a drop down menu, First from the bottom and click that, When your done just do it again, Vualah you've made your first UV! Anyone who has questions feel free to post.