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shak4l 01

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8th November 2006

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#41 14 years ago
Colt-556;3487931If you want a good tip.[...][/QUOTE] Thanks! [QUOTE=The_Sith_Lord;3487963]Nothing can stop the Empire!

Even yuuzhan vong? I think that without their superstuff like DS, Eclipse, SSDs etc. the vong could teach a imps the lesson that they'll never forget (same as new republic).



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23rd July 2006

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#42 14 years ago
Cobra01;3488308hey Gorbeh...wassup...anyway i was thinking we not add ALOT of planets unless your playing a Galatic Conquest by urself. Otherwise go to LAGG hell.

So are you saying to only have a large number of planets for singleplayer not multiplayer? That shouldn't be hard.