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Just wanted to share this to the community, for those who didn't find this. Site: Full, undocumented lists of XML tags - Petroglyph Forums

Mike.nlI've created a list of strings that are probably all the tags the game checks for. For those interested, I've created it with the following shell commands in bash (on Linux): CODE strings swfoc.exe | sed 's/\(.*\)/<\1/' > strings find XML | while read line; do cat $line >> all_xml; done fgrep -f strings -o all_xml | sed 's/$/>/' | sort -u > tags.txt In short, it extracts all strings from the executable, puts a bracket (<) in front of it, and looks for every string in every XML file. It then filters duplicates and sorts the resulting strings. For EaW there are 2764 tags, for FoC 3206 tags and UaW has 2879 tags. Note that I can't say which tags are used in what way or where, or even if tags are used at all (e.g., UaW may contain leftover tags from EaW/FoC). All I know that these tags occur both in the game engine as well as an XML file. Maybe these lists help you guys with modding.

Mike.nl is one of the best contributors to the modding community (tools wise). Hope this helps some people. Happy Modding :) OmegaCal