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3rd July 2008

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#1 12 years ago

Hello Everyone, (Pick three(3) of the eight(8)) For those that don't know, I am the founder/leader of the Demise of the Empire/DOTE mod(info on mod here on FF forums or on the DOTE forums. Any way I would like your opinon/vote on what GCs to include in the mod because there are several to choose from and I like all of them but sadly I do not want to do them all because there would be too many planets(would probably be 100 planets if i was to do them all) to put into the mod and plus I thought what better way to figure out what GCs to use than to ask the EAW community, so please pick three of the following(depending on how the voting ends up I might do four), but also note that these three(or four) will be an addition to the two GCs that i already plan to incorporate with all three factions playable. Most of the GCs listed here only will have two playable factions depending on which GC it is. Thanks for your vote! -Admiral Jamoking P.S. I believe I listed all of the campaigns/crisises that ocurred from after the Battle of Endor(4 ABY) up to the signing of the Bastion Accords(19 ABY) but if there is a campaign/crisis that is not listed and you would like to see it in the mod please reply in this thread.