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4th April 2010

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#1 8 years ago

So right now I am currently in the process of making a mod that adds a few more factions to the game. It had been going smoothly until just now. Before eating dinner, I got on my mod just fine and did some playtesting. Then I went to eat and when I came back, I couldn't load my mod. I get exceptions every time I try to load the game with my mod. I honestly don't know what the problem is, as I only made some minor adjustments since then and even after undoing those adjustments, the error still occurs. I have the file with the _Except file with all of the rows of numbers, and I was wondering if someone here could tell me how to fix an exception error that occurs when starting the game. If anyone can interpret what is in the "_Except" file, I would really appreciate it if you would let me email you my file so you could tell me how to fix this. If anyone can help me at all, please... I need it. The mod was coming along so smoothly. I dont want it to die just because of this error.