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#1 8 years ago

I have the gold pack version, updated fully. However, I seem to have a glitch where none of my heroes (Galactic Empire) can remove corruption? Or, they can but after a while- they can't any longer? I have well beyond the resources because I know that it costs 1500 credits to remove corruption with Palpatine. if anyone has any clue as to how to get a round this dilemma?

Another 'glitch' I have found with this game. Is that, when I CAN indeed remove corruption- when I move Palpatine to said planet, all the sudden the planet goes dark like there are no forces what so ever on it, and it removes all applied structures and transfers ships and troops to nearest allied planet. When I go back there is usually a troop trans port or a few rebel or consortium ships, usually no landed troops. However, in the most peculiar cases- I have to fight an equally leveled space station that mine was previously and at times, I even have to destroy my own units just to win the battle i.e broadside cruisers and in one instance, I saw an Acclamator class? Anyone know what that's about?

Also, if someone could perhaps make a mod for the same game (with instructions on how to install, sorry.) with the features to eliminate the Consortium's ability to randomly bomb one of your planet side facilities and the Rebellions ability to also randomly land untold amounts of of land forces even though you have the planet completely locked down?