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#1 10 years ago

This is more of a problem with the map editor than anything to do with mapping itself.

In "Map Properties", the two text boxes "Map Name" and "Planet Name" have randomly characters in them. I try deleting these characters, and it works, but they reappear after I exit the map editor/load a different map! The current map is Mon Calamari:

Map Name - Mon Calamari: Barrier Reef (I opened it and no characters appear). Planet Name - Mon CalamariX (the X is there for an unknown reason).

Lets load a new map...

Map Name - Ord Cestus: Dasha Mountains (There is a character, but I guess Google Chrome doesn't recognize it - did not get pasted in). Planet Name - Ord Cestus: Dasha Mountains (for some reason, the map name has become the planet name as well, and again, the character must not be recognized).

Alright, I changed the planet name to Ord Cestus. I hit save, and reloaded map, and the Planet Name changed back to "Ord Cestus: Dasha Mountains" (along with the character). I am honestly at a loss as to why this is happening, sometimes it is letters, sometimes it is brackets, and sometimes it is weird Wing Dings type symbols. It did this when I was running on Windows Vista (now on 7), so I am quite sure it is a problem with the map editor. It just doesn't make sense.

Nothing game breaking, but very annoying. I downloaded the updated map editor, and nothing changed.