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12th April 2007

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#1 9 years ago

Well i bought a new computer, a Dell with a 24 inch monitor and since the new computer runs with windows 7 i have run into problems with EAW cause the EAW-FOC modlauncher doesn´t seem to work. Therefor i just downloaded a very old mod called Steiners Advanced Units 3.0 Reloaded and put the xml and all the other files directly into the program. That seems to work. However all the other mods seem to need the modlauncher and i can´t obviously use them. Unless there is a launcher for windows 7 that i don´t know about. Is there ?:confused: The reason why it doesn´t work is that i am getting an error message that states that the modlauncher is not a legal win32 program and therefor can not be used.