Ship hardpoint not being destroyed? -1 reply

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26th February 2008

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#1 10 years ago

The hardpoint looks like this HARD_POINT_WEAPON_LASER YesYesTEXT_WEAPON_TURBOLASER200.0 Large_Explosion_Space Unit_Hardpoint_Turbo_Laser_Death Damage_Star_Destroyer HP17HP_LC_L_00_COLL(might be this) HP_LC_L_BLASTHP_LC_L_00_EMITDAMAGEMUZZLEA_17MUZZLEA_1740.0180.0Proj_Ship_Turbolaser_Red3.04.030.22200.0Unit_Underworld_Turbo_Fire Fighter, 70.0 Bomber, 70.0 Transport, 70.0 Corvette, 70.0 Frigate, 30.0 Capital, 1.0 Super, 1.0 There is however a copy of it with the only changes being attachment_bone and fire_bone_a and fire_bone_b and the title which is called the same but at the end its RIGHT instead of LEFT. It might be the collision mesh but idk wat to change it to :confused:. Oh and its the recusant model if that helps any.