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14th April 2004

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[color=limegreen]Clan [Dude][/color]
Need we say more?

This clan infastructure will be loosely based on the TMBJ model. There will be 4 leaders of the clan who attend to making sure that things run smoothly and that clan activities and other such clan realated things run smoothly. These "officials" however will not be in direct control of the members. Everyone in the clan will be equal, there will be no ranks. Clan [Dude] will be about enjoying jk2 and none of that "War" and other bs that can interfere with enjoying the actual game(Unless that is the sort of stuff you think is fun). I would think of it as a comunity of people who enjoy eachothers company and have a common interest(Jk2 for now, unsure if we will expand into jk3). To be a member is not difficult but it should not be viewed as your right, more over, a privlege. The clan looks for players who are mature and committed. We will have tourniments and try and make the clan a great place to hang out and enjoy jk2 as well as seak help and friendship. At the moment i am searching for a server hoster. I have few ideas as to where i can get one so it will not be long. I have a free 50mb hosting from a website with no adds so all i need is a website to be designed as well as a forum which i have people working on at the moment. Recruting is a bit different. We require that you get to know the clan and that we get to know you. In that time which does not have to be long, you can then ask to become a member. We will then decide as an entire group weather or not you should be a member. Presently we have had a skin finished(The official skin) of the clan with our "Mascot" on the back made by [color=navy][Dude]Sardonic[/color]. It is quite a nice reskin of a reborn and i rather like it. Front: shot0001.jpg Side: shot0002.jpg Back: shot0000.jpgNOTE:[color=red]Skin quality is actually much higher, but due to my crappy graphics card which barely runs jk2.[/color] Im always on MSN([email=""][/email]) and Aim(Booster1012) so just feel free to give me a message. [Dude]Cougar :)