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21st March 2004

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[color=red]Basic Information:[/color] [color=black]Everlasting Resistance is a new clan based in New Zealand. This clan is for Australian // New Zealand Jedi Outcast Players. We also play Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy. [/color] [color=black][color=black]If we get alot of people for different Countries the first [/color][color=red]two[/color][color=black] people from each country will be leader & co-leader of that countries division.[/color] [/color] [color=red]Additional Information: [/color] [color=blue]e*res.apostasy.ac[/color] [color=black]Email: [email="sykotic_illusions@hotmail.com"]sykotic_illusions@hotmail.com[/email][/color] [color=blue]e*res.mar-mighty good[/color] [color=black]Email: [email="olliebum@paradise.net.nz"]olliebum@paradise.net.nz[/email][/color] [color=black]we have started a clan forum at [color=red]http://s4.invisionfree.com/e_resistance[/color] but there aren’t very much posts. If you cant reach us on msn post in the forum. We would be happy to read your posts [/color] [color=black]I’m still in development of the clan site and working on getting a clan server up and running.[/color] [color=black]Hope to catch you up in a server.[/color] [color=black][color=red]e*res.apostasy.ac[/color][/color] [color=black][color=dimgray]Co-Leader Of Everlasting Resistance[/color][/color] Im Sorry About the Other thread but i missed somethings out & it would be great if someone could delete the other thread :) thanks.