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#1 8 years ago

Hello everyone, We are looking for other players with the game itself already, whether you're leaving you to be integrated into our team under Knight Jedi Outcast and Academy.

For this, we need two very important things in your experience. We only accept these two things are your players: Beginners and Intermediate Any proposals players "Confirmed" will be directly rejected by me or by my friend Jerome. Whatever it is, experienced players will not have rights to be taken in our Power Team Jedi Knight. So if you feel you want to be with us, no problem, contact us on MsnLive: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] (Leader 1 = me) is jerome.87 @ (Leader 2 = my friend).

Finally, we hope to see you soon, you players star wars, very soon in our Team.

website in French (but soon in English): News: Jedi Knight Power Team 78 | 2010-2011 website in english: Forum: JEDI KNIGHT POWER TEAM :: Bienvenue chez la Team Jedi Knight Power 78 (La team Francophone des Yvelines)

See you soon!