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MP Clan is looking for recruits! Read Rules - Then E-mail me at [email][/email]


1) Do NOT Fight Players with their sabers down/off 2) Fight honorbly, fight fair, have fun 3) No cheats, codes, hacks, tweaks, modifiers or viruses 4) Download the REQUIRED Maps/Models on the site 5) Respect other members, especially the council and the leader - me 6) Do NOT recruit others, that is for the council 7) No racial remarks, arguing, or prophanity torwards others 8) Stay in the designated areas in FFA - it is split in half for duelers/observers and all-out FFA 9) Visit site frequently, chat with other members 10) Have fun, play fair, be respectful 11) Bow before dueling 12) Wait for the okay to duel 13) Observers specificaly observe and chat - no hitting, kicking shooting, slicing, etc. 14) Most of our maps are NEW, fun, and are downloadable off the site 15) Sabers Only! - Unless we vote against it 16) No Forces! - Except Jump and Saber Throw 17) In a Tournament, with other clans observing, show respect, but also show strength and focus - weather your dueling, or observing. This means - Observers: Walk, don't run, be orginized, be cool. Duelers: Show no mercy, but fight well, not sloppy, show that your already the winner. 18) If a riot ever breaks out between clans in a duel - that would be kinda cool - but if it happens, those who started it and had something to do with it will be eliminated from the clan... PERMINENTLY! We can arange a huge war, but do NOT start one! 19) We make our own RPG's, story-modes, but that takes time and is we don't do it much... almost not at all. 20) If for any reason I, or any other member finds your actions uncalled for or innapropriate, you will be presented in front of the council, it will be a court-room. Witnesses, defendant(s), Jurors, Judges and the whole 9-yards. 21) Attack the council and you will be banned 22) Attack a member purposly when their saber if down/off counts as a strike. 3 strikes your out. A strike goes away after a while. 23) In-Clan competitions are to decide your rank and possibility of becomming a Jedi Master and part of the Council. 24) We take this pretty seriously, but it's all for you, the members, to have the most fun possible out of an already amazing game! 25) Before joining - E-mail the leader first - [email][/email] - then, if you get the okay to try out, you present yourself amungst the council (Yes, your outfit, game-name and actions matter) If they sense your not worthwhile, your not. If you make that, you go to Hell Week with one of temporary recruiting members. The leader may drop in, but not with his name, and he'll over-see you a bit. Hell Week will be hard training: The expeirenced member will teach you moves, accuracy, constistancy, respect, rules again, and become your friend. Other members will train with you, and rarely the leader will train you personaly, that's if you get to know him well enough. After Hell Week, real training begins, Hell Week was to see if your capable of becoming a member. Training will extend to stealth, cunning, strategy and more excercises. After that, the council see's you one more time, they put you up against an already-made member to see your improvements. Then your either in or out. If you failed - you'll have infinate more chances to try to join, until' you suck so bad that your banned. 26) Note: TRAIN FIRST! LEARN A FEW MOVES TO IMPRESS THE COUNCIL! THEN TRYOUT! YOUR CHANCES WILL INCREASE!

Thanks For Reading The Rules: I Hope To See You In The Clan One Day!